Nandita Kochar
This is a story, as narrated by OSHO. 
A centipede walks using a hundred legs. When a frog who was also a philosopher watched this centipede, he felt very amused and troubled; it was so difficult for the frog to walk using four legs and here this insect was walking on a hundred of them like it was no feat! 
This was a miracle! How did the centipede know which leg to put first? And which leg is to follow this leg? So the frog stopped the centipede and said, “I am a philosopher frog and there is something about you that has been troubling my mind. How do you walk on so many legs?” 
The centipede responded, “I have been walking all my life like this. I have never thought about how I did it. But now that you have asked, I shall think about it and get back to you.” Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.
For the first time, this thought entered the centipede’s mind. The frog was right in asking which leg should be moved first. The centipede stood there confused, then wobbled and fell. He then told the frog, “Please never ask another centipede this question. I had been walking fine all my life but the moment you asked me how I walked, I no longer could!”