The very idea of God gives you a sense of relief – that you are not alone, that somebody is looking after affairs; that this cosmos is not just the chaos, it is really a cosmos; that there is a system behind it, there is logic behind it; that it is not a illogical jumble of things, that it is not anarchy. Somebody rules it; the sovereign king is there looking after each small detail – not even a leaf moves without his moving it. Everything is planned. You are part of great destiny. May be the meaning is not known to you, but the meaning is there because God is there. God brings a tremendous relief. One  starts feeling that life is not accidental; there is a certain under current significance, meaning, destiny. God brings a sense of destiny.
There is no God – It simply shows that man knows not why he is here. It simply shows man is helpless. It simply shows that man has no meaning available to him. By creating the idea of God he can believe in meaning, and he can live this futile life with the idea that somebody is looking after it. Happyho also provides best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Just imagine, you are on an airplane flight and somebody comes and says, “ ther is no pilot”. Suddenly there will be panic. No Pilot? ! no pilot simply means you are doomed. Then somebody says, the pilot must  be there – invisible, we may not be able to see the pilot, but he is there; otherwise how is this beautiful mechanism functioning? Just think of it; everything is going so beautifully – there must be Pilot! May be we are not capable of seeing him, may be we are not yet prayerful enough to see him, may be our eyes are closed, but the pilot is there. Otherwise, how is it possible? This airplane has take off, it is flying perfectly well; the engines are humming everything is proof that there is a pilot.
If somebody can convince you, you can relax again into your chair. You close your eyes, you start dreaming again – you can fall asleep. The pilot is there you need not worry.
The Pilot exist not, It is a human creation. Man has created God in his own image. It is man’s invention. God is not a discovery it is an invention and God is not the truth – it is a greatest lie there is.