Nandita Kochar

  1. Focus More On Your Strengths Than Your Weaknesses

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with focusing on your weakness while you keep your strengths in a corner. But research suggests that it is not likely to get you as far as focusing on your strengths. Recent research in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has found that depressed clients are likely to grow more if the therapist focuses on their strengths rather than trying to shape their weaknesses. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Strengths

Gone are the days when you were encouraged to be shy about your strengths. Kick the gear and start making a list of them. After all, if you won’t be aware of what gives you that extra edge, how will you be able to better contribute at work? 
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As managers or superiors, take time out to learn about the strengths of those who work under or with you. Trying to make deadlines or feeling lost in too many tasks can prevent you from doing that. But remember to give this task as much priority as you can. 

  1. Schedule Time For Gratitude

As much time you take to give your employees grounded and evidence based feedback, take out the time to express your appreciation for the person that they are. When you express appreciation for the unique talents of your employees, you appreciate what they are doing. But when you appreciate who they are, you are making them feel valued for their very being.

  1. Align Your Strengths To Your Daily Tasks

Make sure to match qualities from your list of strengths with the tasks you handle on a daily basis. So an employee whose strength is asking questions would love to sit in a presentation regarding the launch of a new product. And so he must be there when this presentation happens.
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  1. Make Flourishing At Work A Priority

You will not flourish at work overnight. It’s a conscious choice you’ll have to make for yourself, every single day.