Liberation from the cycle of birth and death does not mean that you will not be born here again. It means that now there is neither coming nor going – no where, not on any plane. Then you remain rooted where you are. The day this happens, the springs of joy burst forth on all sides. We cannot experience joy being in an imaginary place we can only find joy being where we really are. We can only be happy being what we are, we can never be happy being what we are not. So moving through the cycle of birth and death we are wondering through illusory places – we are lost somewhere we have never ever been. We are wondering through some place where we are never ever supposed to be, while the place where we actually are we have lost site of. So freedom from birth and death means coming back to where we are, coming back home. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Moving into God means being exactly what we actually are. It is not as if some day you will come across God standing somewhere and you will salute him and say thank heaven I met you! there is no such God as this, and if you happen to come across one, know well it is all hypnosis. Such a God will be your own creation and meeting him will be as false as loosing him was. This is not the way you will ever find God.
Our language often proves misleading, because the expression to “find God” or to “attain God” gives the impression one will be able to see God face to face. Such words are very misleading. Listening to them one gets the idea that somebody will reveal himself, that one will have an eye to eye contact with him, that one will be able to embrace him. This is all wrong. IF you ever do come across such a God, beware ! such a God will be totally a creation of your mind – it will be hypnosis.
We  have to get out of all hypnosis and retrace our steps back to the point where there is no sleep no hypnosis, where we are fully aware, rooted in our own beings. The experience one will have then will be the experience of the unit of life; it will be experience of existence being one, in divisible. The name of that experience is Godliness.