Summer vacation are fast approaching and you are all set to take a well deserved holiday with your family.
I am sure you have booked the tickets, hotel or resort and all the travel plans are in order.
But before you take the final leap out of your front door, here are some tips that might come in handy when you set your best foot out for the holiday that your family had been looking forward to, for if not months than at least weeks.
Of course your travel plans are well chalked out, you have reached your destination in comfort and have checked in at the hotel of your choice.
This is the first day of your holiday, you are out after taking a hearty breakfast, you are open for the scenery around to take and soak it in. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Do take as many pictures as you see the scenes. Take everything in. Enjoy each moment as it is. Create memories. You will have plenty of time to sort the pictures out later and make a series for your collection and enjoy these moment all over again many times over every time you see them and show them around to friends and extended family.
Never forget to capture the emotions of your family when they are enjoying the holiday with you. The joy when they ride a water scooter for the first time or the scary shrieks they let out when it rides the high wave. Of course these will be a lot of fun later to watch.
If your camera is news learn to use it before hand .
Don’t forget the food. When you are out you and your family will definitely like to experiment with all the food choices that are available. Savor their aromas and sight before you taste them. Take pictures and videos while kids are enjoying and expressing their views. You might even ask for the recipes of  the dishes you like form the hotel staff. They will be happy to oblige.
And don’t forget to bring back souvenirs from each place you visited during your holiday. It’s not necessary that you buy expensive pieces from curio shops. It may be a pebble from the sea shore your kids made castle at. Or just a funny or unique shaped stick form the jungle you took the safari in. Even some dried flowers picked during the jungle trail can be the proud resident of that crystal flower vase sitting at your coffee table.
–Pritpal Kaur