Rajasthan is known for it’s colorful traditions, great Rajput warriors, massive hawelis, grand castles, sand dunes of Thar desert, clean and beautiful Aravali hills, camels, it’s special art and culture; to name a few of this rich state’s treasures.
But many of us do not know about a very special kind of Holi that is played a day before the actual Holi is celebrated all over India.
This special Holi is called ‘Dolchi maar Holi’ and is played in a ‘mohalla’ of old city of Bikaner. The friendly and adorable fight is played up between ‘Harsh’ and ‘Vyas’ clans of Brahmin community of Bikaner. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
A special and intricately designed camel hide ‘Dolchi’ is used to play this Holi. On the day of this Holi, all menfolk gather in the chowk of the Mohalla and women gather in  balconies of the upper floors of their homes.
Men fill the ‘Dolchi’ with plain water and throw this water at each other’s back with full force. Some of them take this sport to a further level by taking their shirts off. Normally they make pairs of two and take turns in breaking water at each other’s back. This game goes on till the lunch time.
According to the tradition this is the way to express an old rivalry and bonding for each other. If during the course of this game water gets over in homes, special tankers are ordered to vlog keep the ‘Dolchis’ filled without any break.
‘Harsh’ clan members announce the end of the game by throwing “Gulal” (color) in the air. After the game both ‘Harsh’ and ‘Vyas’ clans gather together to shout about their individual victories. But the fact remains both are winners in this game of happiness and joy.
Finally as the mark of the culmination of this ‘Dolchi maar Holi’,  friends and relatives visit each other’s homes and enjoy the feast laid out by the ladies of the house.