Today is the World Water Day.  March 22nd of each year is celebrated all over the world as the World Water Day to focus attention on the importance of freshwater and to advocate the sustainable management of freshwater resources.
As the luck would have it Holi too almost always happens to be in the month of March each year. Holi is a festival that has special global appeal as the festival of color and joy. Holi literally means colour and colour parties across the globe.
But there is one aspect of Holi that is not as colourful as the festival is meant to be. Like every year, this year too many people will leave their taps open and waste gallons of water during Holi, which will ironically be celebrated just a day after World Water Day. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
We all know a lot about water conservation but when it comes to practice some we tend to ignore. it . On this colorful festival of Holi let’s remind ourselves about a few tips about conservation of water.
Play Holi with vibrant gulaal i.e. dry powder colours which are perfect to make Holi a memorable one.
Playing Holi with fresh flowers may sound unconventional but a number of cities across India follow this tradition.They express their joy with dancing on the latest vlog tunes and throwing flowers at each other.
While pouring water from buckets must be prohibited, one may also stop using the water balloons along with water guns. While it may seem that balloons and water guns don’t take up much water but that is not the case.
A lot of water is misused during the time of Holi in various forms. People in large groups throw water at each other and colour is mixed into thousands of water tanks.
And after the celebrations are done, more water is used to remove the colours. So every step to conserve water counts.
In a positive development, a number of Indians seem to be keen on a dry Holi this year.