Man has tried to be unnatural. We are not willing to be natural; all our culture and civilization have been nothing but an effort to be unnatural. We should not be as we are; we have to be something else. This race to be something else, something different, has destroyed all our spontaneity and naturalness. We have all become perverted; we have all become sick. This sickness must be recognized, as we can never peaceful and happy without being natural. Can any man ever be happy, unless he is natural? Can he ever be peaceful and happy, unless he becomes as the whole of life wanted him to be? What is the meaning of anxiety? What does worry mean? Anxiety means that you have divided yourself into compartments which are fighting against each other. Anxiety means nothing else than that. An anxious man means a man divided within into opposing parts—and thus at war with himself. Now, if a man starts fighting with himself, starts becoming his own enemy by dividing himself into parts… We have all become anxious and full of tension because we have not accepted the whole man. We have not accepted man as nature has made him, as existence has given birth to him. We have denied some parts, opposed some parts, suppressed some parts; repressed some parts into hiding and put some parts on the top, thus making ourselves rest-less from the inside. Because of this, we are sad and are going insane, mad. Because of this, our inner world is always clashing with us and we are clashing with our inner world. We are fighting with ourselves all the time—we are at war with ourselves from when we get up in the morning, till when we go to sleep at night. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
For the known history—for the last five thousand years—man has been taught that he should be good. Has man become good? What goodness has come to him? Our prisons are filled with prisoners; the mental asylums are filled with mad people; the hospitals are filled with sick people. And each and every home is filled with sadness and clashes. If we were able to lay bare a day in the life of man and see it completely—which has incidentally become very difficult because we have hidden it under many, many layers…. If we were to decide, even for one day, that everyone would behave exactly as he or she wanted to, it would suddenly become very clear to us that our lives are something totally different from what has been seen from outside. All of us are hiding ourselves.
This hidden man is at work all the time, from the inside. That is why we need to have a war every ten to fifteen years. And every couple of years we need to have riots. And every day there should be some small—scale trouble or other, so that the man who is suppressed inside us finds some release. A divided man is a sick man; only an undivided man can be healthy. A fragmented man will always be worried. If all the fragments come together and become whole, man can become free from worry. A divided man will always be sad, sick and troubled. An undivided and integrated man, a whole man, can be cheerful, blissful and happy. And remember too, only an undivided man can knock at the door of existence because only the whole can meet the whole. One who is partial cannot even embark on the journey of meeting the whole.
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