Let the Waves of Positivity Spread Across India

Once again there is a lot of discussion about Lord Rama, the beloved Godman for all the Hindus, because of the recent judgment by the Supreme court of India, in favour of Rama’s birthplace in Ayodhya. It is interesting to understand the meaning of name of the city Ayodhya; this Hindi word means a City of No-War. Yuddha means war, and when you add A before Yuddha, it becomes no-war. So Ayodhya literally means a place of No-War zone.  And the people of two major religions have always been battling against each other for so many centuries. Since the millennia, the aggressors who had been coming to India to conquer her, with the exception of a very few, were also very keen to destroy the very fabric of the religion and culture which was really the soul and spirit of India. So many temples and other places of worship were mercilessly destroyed by the uncivilised and fanatic aggressors. Everyone can see their signature of cruelty and barbariousness all over India. This has been really painful for the native people of the land. V S  Naipaul was right when he called India–A Wounded Civilisation. The majority of Indian people have been living with such wounds.  And though the present generation whose forefathers were the aggressors is not at fault, has not felt the need to feel sorry, has never expressed any regret for such brutal acts of their forefathers. But the wounds continue to torture this ancient civilisation.  Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

Now, for the first time, the Supreme Court’s judgment is in favour of a temple in Rama’s place of birth will be of some help to heal the wounded psyche of the majority of the Hindus.  This will give them joy to visit the place they know as Lord Rama’s place of birth. After centuries of struggle, they really deserve to own it, which originally belonged to them. Some politicians are always talking about secularism and their interpretation of the constitution of India keeps creating more trouble for the majority of the people, and the minority is also never happy with them. This way the whole of India lives in utter confusion, and no clarity. Once Osho was also asked: There is this issue of secularism, and there is a great controversy going on right now with regard to what they call “Ram Janambhumi and the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya.” both communities, Hindus and Moslems, are claiming that place. How can this issue be defused? Osho’s response: These are politicians behind the problems. Otherwise, both can worship the place, both can make it holy. It becomes double holy to Hindus and to Mohammedans. What is the problem?

Just it has to be made clear to them that the whole earth is holy. And if you think this part is holy for you, you should be happy that this part is also holy for Hindus, for Mohammedans. You should invite Christians, Jainas, to make it more holy. Sheer childishness to fight on these problems, but politicians have power only if there is some fight going on. Now the government will be in difficulty. If the government sides with the Hindus, the whole Mohammedan community will go against in the elections. If they side with the Mohammedans, the whole Hindu community will go against it. So they just talk about it, in the parliament discuss about it and nothing happens, and nothing will happen. My suggestion is very simple. A holy land is nobody’s possession, anybody can worship. And more people worship it, more humanitarian it becomes.

In another discourse, Osho makes his views clear on the issue of secularism:“India has decided upon a policy — of secularism. There will be effects of this on religion. This policy is wrong. No government should be completely secular. Yes, it is right that no particular religion should have influence. But how can any country be secular? Neither Hindu, nor Muslim: this is right. It shouldn’t be Hindu or Muslim. But one extreme is that the country becomes Hindu or becomes Muslim. The other extreme is the country becomes irreligious, saying we have nothing to do with religion. Such an important part of the life of man — and you say, we have nothing to do with it? It will have a ruinous effect. The government should make a facility for religion. The government must not be religious in the sense of Hindu-Muslim, but it must be religious in the sense that in the country meditation should increase, love should increase, peace should increase. Yoga should come into people’s lives. An inner sense of discipline should be born in people’s lives. Soul should be born in people.

“So I will oppose the secular state. The state should create the same conditions for the religion that a gardener does in watering trees, so that flowers may bloom; otherwise, flowers of consciousness will not bloom. Then no matter how many ways you try to make people become moral, to make people become virtuous, have good character — all those attempts will fail. Flowers will never bloom because you never gave water to the roots.”

Soon after the Supreme Court pronounced its verdict favouring the construction of Ram Mandir on the disputed land in Ayodhya, a Muslim leader who did not like the judgment, said that the offer of 5 acres of land for the mosque should not be accepted and the land should be rejected.But another Muslim leader Salman Nizami asked why should 5 acres of land be rejected. He gave a better proposal that the Muslims should build a mosque and an institution where both Hindu and Muslim children can study together. “No one needs to be disappointed. Only positive energy and thoughts can deal with hatred,” he said.