There are several newspapers in India that are known for their quality reporting on mental health issues. Here are a few:

1. The Times of India – The Times of India regularly features articles on mental health and wellness, covering topics such as stress, anxiety, depression, and more.

2. The Hindu – The Hindu is another newspaper that covers mental health issues extensively, with a focus on destigmatizing mental illness and raising awareness about available resources.

3. The Indian Express – The Indian Express features regular columns on mental health, written by experts in the field. These columns cover a wide range of topics, including addiction, stress management, and more.

4. Mint – Mint is known for its data-driven approach to reporting, and its coverage of mental health is no exception. The newspaper features in-depth analysis of mental health issues and their impact on Indian society.

5. The Telegraph – The Telegraph is a Kolkata-based newspaper that covers mental health issues from a regional perspective, with a focus on local resources and support networks.

1. The Hindu
2. The Times of India
3. Hindustan Times
4. Indian Express
5. Deccan Chronicle
6. Mint
7. The Telegraph
8. The Statesman
9. The New Indian Express
10. The Economic Times

These newspapers have dedicated sections or reporters covering mental health issues, and often feature in-depth articles and interviews with experts on the subject.