The year 2023 is history now!

We are all set to welcome the new year 2024 with renewed hope and energy. For many of us, 2023 was a great year, for some, it was not so great and for some, it was an average year. Many things were accomplished whereas many more remain to be accomplished in the coming years. For that matter 2024 will be the year of work in progress. Anyway, all this thinking and planning will go on but yes, it is time for celebration while we welcome the new year with renewed energy.

But why do we celebrate the arrival of the new year which happens every year, year after year? The question is what makes it so exciting?

We celebrate the new year by reflecting on their achievements in the past year.  We celebrate the new year because it gives us another chance to right the wrong, it gives us another opportunity to do whatever has not been done in the past year, it is a beautiful thing.

Wouldn’t you like to reflect on the year that has passed and set a marker for comparison of how your life has changed over the past 12 months? At the same time, it is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start anew with the turn of the year, which is why many adopt a New Year’s resolution to mark a fresh start.

While you set new resolutions for the new year which could range from anything to everything, you must put a proper plan in place. A resolution could be an extension of your last year’s project or you want to embark on something new which you have not explored before.

Though we live the same life with just a set of new resolutions made to break later, we tend to believe that it is a new start.  Now that another new 365-day journey begins with New Year’s Eve being the first day, you need to relook at your resolutions. If you question yourself why the new year is celebrated, then we answer that the meaning behind celebrating the New Year is not just about welcoming a brand-new year successfully and making easily breakable resolutions or promises, there is a hidden meaning to it. There is a great need for all of us to uncover the hidden truth behind the New Year celebration and live accordingly.

The main purpose of making resolutions is larger than life as it aims at living healthy and longer and being a better person, which is the best thing one can ever do.  As the future cannot be predicted, the resolutions can make us resolute to make it predictable with the deeds we do at the very present. Though we know that uncertain days are on the card for us, we commit to promises to make them certain, at least we try. I believe it is not a bad thing it works and works well.

Let’s be set for some new resolutions, and explore something new. Now the big question is: Is it hard to try something new?

The answer would be: Yes, it is hard. This is because we humans are often afraid of the unknown. Familiar things are more comfortable and easier while trying new things requires a lot of effort and courage. Usually, we avoid new things simply because we are choosing the easier, less intimidating option. With the onset of the new year, our spirits are high and we are full of positivity to embark on a new journey. This makes us explore new things in life, which we have not attempted to date.

So how do you begin this journey?

Here are some ways to ideate:

  • Ask questions: Foremost, ideas people are curious people.
  • Write your ideas down: Creative people keep lists and notes.
  • Think associatively: Many ideas are the result of associative thinking.
  • Put ideas to the test: Innovators know the importance of experimentation.

It is quite commonplace for many of us to fall into habits and allow them to run on for a long time, without question. (This is not always a bad thing— like taking a stroll in the morning and evening in the nearby park, it is a great habit in fact.) But the bad part is that you are not ready to walk on the newly built jogging track in the colony as you feel that you may not be comfortable doing that.

But sometimes, opting for comfortable habits instead of branching out to try something new will hold you back in life—or worse, bring you harm. And when you do step out of your comfort zone, lots of surprising and wonderful things can happen. So, why not achieve some wonderful things this new year?

It is not that you explore something new which you have not thought about in your weirdest dreams, you can start with some new things which can add value to your life. Every time you try something for the first time, you add to your well of life experiences. This does not imply experimenting with big experiences, either. Certainly, travelling to a new country or picking up skydiving will give you valuable experiences, but so will meeting new people, tasting new foods, picking up new hobbies, or learning new skills.

Now that you are all set to try something new, before that you need to be forgiving, patient, and kind to yourself. Even if the experience turns out to be enjoyable, you are still pushing your boundaries, and you are bound to be feeling more vulnerable.

Enhance your H Q (Happiness Quotient) in 2024 and be happyho.