“The beauty of facing life unprepared is tremendous. Then life has a newness, a youth; then life has a flow and freshness. Then life has so many surprises. And when life has so many surprises boredom never settles in you.” Osho

Every New Year we try to create a resolution for ourselves. Mostly it is to give up something or to bring some change in ourselves. As a human being we are blessed to expand. Contraction is against the natural low. Existence is expanding every moment and we are part of the same.

Like The rivers are being polluted, the oceans are being polluted, the lakes are dying. Nature is being destroyed. A human being is drifting away by suppression ,hatred , anger, jealousy and so many other issues of life. Suppression and controls are also against law of nature and therefore any kind of suppression or control on us is bound to fail resulting  failure in life.

This kind of human being and the whole of humanity has been a curse to itself. And what is needed urgently is some kind of re-birthing for the transformation of human beings and humanity at large.

Osho wants a New Man, New Humanity: A New Man who will not hate life, as in the past it has been done; a New Man who will love life; a New Man who will not be negative in any way but will be affirmative; a New Man who will not desire life after death, but will live moment to moment in sheer joy – who will think of this life as a gift and not as a punishment; who will not be antagonistic to the body, who will respect the body as the temple of the soul; who will love, and who will not be afraid of love; who will move in all kinds of relationships and yet be able to remain himself.

Meditation is powerful alchemy of transformation. We should remember that life is perfect in all dimensions, we have brought the imperfections ourselves and hence we should own the responsibility without any regret. Meditation and Observation of our own life at the individual level–  we are seeking all kinds of neurotic entertainment, and why we cannot live with ourselves with contentment is what is needed.

New Year is surely an opportunity to improve upon what we have lived so far but with any regret or guilt. Let us Celebrate this New Year with much fanfare and fill the world with immense joy and happiness that it washes away all pain, agony, and depression. 

One may have the best of things in life, and after having all this one may still unsatisfied. Actually the shine of all the best of things gradually starts looking dull, even the things may remain the same forever. Certain things do remain the same forever, but they are not alive, they artificial. Love is a very alive phenomenon, one can only experience it if he has love for himself and if he can go deeper within he can experience the fulfillment .So the answer to this is in the words of Osho in his discourses on Atisha’s Seven Points of Mind Training–’The Book of Wisdom’.

One must read this book and try to indulge within deeper in the core of  heart and feel the magical powers God has given each one of us to create positivity in our environment ,in our lives !