The whole world appears to be in turmoil. No country in the world is living without fear of war.  US, UK, Japan, North Korea, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, ISIS affected countries, Israel, Turkey and several more.  Each has both internal and external conflicts. So much so peace and happiness loving  countries such as Bhutan and Tibet are not spared. We are seeing economies falling and people living in constant fear of loss. This is indicating that world politics is heading towards larger conflicts. In race of dominance the human consciousness is crushed and happiness is lost. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
In a time like this, India is witnessing a rare occassion this year on august 15th, 2017. When India’s independence day and Krishna’s birthday fall on the same day. Krishna gave the sermon of Gita in Mahabharata. Mahabharata symbolises the struggle of good over evil. Krishna lead the transcendence of human consciousness.  Krishna is the highest consciousness that world has ever known. He is the thriving energy of creation and destruction. His consciousness leads to live in Param Yoga.
Coming of India’s independence day on the Day of Janamasthami – Krishna’s Birthday may be a subtle message of existence to the world. May be it indicates the re-birth of krishna’s consciousness to lead India in the world which is witnessing a kind of Mahabharata. It seems it is the time for krishna’s consciousness to rise. His flute to play and Maharaas (Krishna’s group dance with Gopis) to begin for calming down the negative energies. His subtle sound of flute may create love for the world to survive. If we have the will to listen the sound of his flute we may choose Happiness by being loving to the nature, by being loving to the rivers, by being loving to the sky and by being loving to each other. And if we fail to listen to his call of love, Krishna shall blow his Conch (Shankhnaad) declaring the begining of the Mahabharata – a mass destruction for evil.
India as a land of Krishna’s consciousness should thus lead the world showing the path of love and compassion. Greetings on Janmashtami.