Life is the biggest mystery that we come across in life. Sometimes, it unfolds the way we wanted it to be or even better than we had envisaged. Many times, it does not, rather most of the time it does not. It leaves us surprised, dejected, and frustrated.

You ask yourself: Did I plan this future? No, you did not but it happened. Howsoever heartbroken you are…

…you must stand by the options life has thrown open for you. Agree, you did not plan for this future but it landed on your platter, hardly leaving any options for you but to accept it.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

– Joseph Campbell

You are always inundated by the thought that life – It is supposed to be different for me. But nothing changes as per your wish if you do not work around it.

For many years, you have been feeling confused and disappointed as you are not able to believe that the challenges, you met in life did not depend on your choices.

You think that your wrong decisions are because of bad luck. To a certain extent, yes! Destiny has a role in shaping your destiny, the events you encounter, the situations you face, and the life you lead. But your actions are equally important. You need to figure out what actions can alter your destiny. If you sit quietly and wait for the time to change, it is a remote possibility.

 When life does not go as planned and you think…

  • There are no concrete reasons for this life.
  • There is no explanation.
  • This is just a chain of random events that have nothing in common with destiny.
  • This is too scary to admit that life could be out of our control.
  • And, you need to live and not just exist.

So, what do you do when life does not go as planned?

 Life happens and it is not always about us. When life does not go as planned, you should not allow yourself to wallow in self-pity or wait for a windfall to come. It is highly unlikely that it will happen.

Probably, in the grand scheme of the universe, you had no purpose all along. You were just going with the flow. You never struggled to figure out what could have been better, what could have worked better for you, you just kept on repeating it day after day, month after month, and year after year. Till you started realizing that life is slipping out of your end and you have very little time left to live the life which you wanted. Right?

So create your own mission. Life can happen!

Accept what you have for the moment and learn to appreciate it.

What makes the situation worse is that when we find that it seems that people around us have perfect lives. Your friend buys a beautiful house which you had always dreamt of but you could not just because of your financial situation but you made no real efforts in realizing your dream. Whereas your friend secretly worked towards it. Or have you lost the love of your life to someone more accomplished and well–placed? It may have happened due to some unfortunate and unexpected circumstances, which we call – misfortune!

“When your life doesn’t go the way planned, change the course, but never stop dreaming.” – Kate Maurice  

This way even if you believe in luck or not, misfortune happens and it happens all the time – most of the time to good people. You cannot change that.

It is the world you live in.

You must deal with these things – the options are – smiling or crying. The choice is on you and it is the choices we make that are important.

“Life can happen – just because. Accept what you have for the moment and learn to appreciate it.” – Kate Maurice. 

You are in a situation where you tried to stick to the route but your vehicle broke down. You do not know what is next. Are you going to panic?

No way! Ideally, you should not, but you do and all of us do.

The time is to let your fears go and discover. Life is so incredibly diverse that you will never get bored exploring it. However, to truly enjoy it you need to adhere to one crucial condition – no questions.

The best solution would be to stop asking yourself -WHY life is not going the way I had planned?

This question has no answer.

If you want to make the most out of life, just continue.

Do not sit on the ruins of your dreams whining and pitying yourself. Instead, you should use the resources you have to live the life that is happening right now.

Time is NOW to do the things you have always thought about doing but never had the chance to begin.

There is no reason to wait. Life is happening right now.

Leave the auditorium and go on stage — the performance cannot start without the lead.

So ring in happiness and be happyHO.