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The critics have their reasons to doubt optimism

This implies that the pessimist tends to go around with his eyes wide open and to assess situations more lucidly than the optimist. ” Reality may to always be a barrel of laughs, but you have to see things the way they are,” he might say, where as the optimist is a genial but incurably naive dreamer.

Philanthropy builds gratitude delivered by social media

By Sahil Gadhavi Gratitude is a positive emotion which builds happiness. A gratitude visit to an old age home or to engage in a charity of to be give some of your wealth for philanthropy. Social media or so to say the technology is helping us to do it more effectively and generously. Most of […]

Happiness can only build super human consciousness

By Swami Vedant, Pune We talk about happiness as goal to achieve.  We say we all have to work towards creating more happiness in the world,  Then why do we go around searching for happiness through ways which are violent and strife ridden and spread less love and more hatred. It means that all we […]

Gross National Happiness – The Bhutan way of measuring Happiness

In many industrial nations, economic prosperity is often equated with happiness. However, it is well known while buying power has risen by 16% over the past 30 years in the United States the percentage of people calling themselves “very happy” has fallen from 36% to 29%. We are therefore heading for trouble if we peg our happiness to the Dow Jones index.  Seeking happiness only by improving material conditions is like grinding sand in the hopes of extracting oil.

Ten ways to start leading a happier life

Nona Khanna To attain the happiness you have to do a few things right. Once you are on path of it the the net result is pure happiness. 1. Realize that enduring happiness doesn’t come from success or wealth We all know that money can’t buy happiness, even as much as we don’t want to […]

To Be Happy is Happy HO! walk down the path of happiness

Smiling Baby

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari I truly admire the concept of Happy HO! this is a wonderful platform where seekers of love and peace, joy and celebration can meet, rejoice, rejuvenate and exchange notes on their journey to the world of happiness beyond the cycles of pains and pleasures. And what a name for the product offered!! Happy […]