Swami Chaitanya Keerti
There is so much misery in our life because of our illusory goals being constantly manufactured by our own mind. It is an endless game
for an achieving mind without understanding the vastness of life. It is just like a wave expecting and demanding the ocean to behave
according to its wishes. It is impossible. Though sometimes it may happen that the ocean may behave in a way that appeals to the wave and the wave may feel happy and proud, but it is certainly not the case always.
As human beings, we should understand our limits and have realisation of our own being. With this understanding, we can function in accord with the vastness that this life is. This gives us an insight of our own position, and we can be really happy and at ease and peace with existence. Then the imaginary goals created by our mind won’t mean much to us. This will give us a real taste of freedom of  consciousness. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The enlightened mystic Osho makes us aware that all our goals become fetters to us, they become imprisonments, we are caged in them. And then we suffer, and ask, ”How to be free?” He says: Be free of the goals and you will be free! There is nothing else to be done! Don’t create a goal, then there is no imprisonment.
What actually are we doing when we make a goal? Who makes the goal? The answer is that our mind makes it, and then the mind seeks a way to reach it. The mind invents techniques, methods, ways. Then we follow those ways and methods. When we follow our mind, we start moving in circle. The goal is created by the mind, the means are created by the mind, and the mind leads us and dominates us. We become slave to it.This slavery creates constant tension.
We experience real peace only when we are settled in our consciousness, outside the zone of our mind. Being conscious is the real freedom–the freedom of non-duality, ecstasy of No-Mind. Mind functions in duality of opposites. It keeps moving and oscillating to opposite extremes. Mind finds it easier to condemn or appreciate, but it cannot accept totally. And the totality is what matters really. This acceptance makes us rooted in the Here-Now, and we don’t waste energy thinking about the past, and imagining about the future. This availability of our energy and consciousness in the present moment is a delightful experience.
Osho oncludes: You can attain it this very moment. There is no need to postpone it. Understanding is acceptance. Acceptance is enlightenment. And one lives in Suchness….Whatsoever happens, one is ready to let it happen. Wherever life goes, one goes with it. Whatsoever happens is good. You don’t create a conflict, you are with it. You float, you don’t swim – and you never swim against the stream. You simply float with the stream, and by and by you don’t know who is who, what is what, who is the stream and who
is the one who has become part of the stream. You become the stream! This is enlightenment.