Spirituality is based on the premise that we live in this world, but we are not from it. Many of our problems lie in not understanding our fundamental identity. We are not human beings having spiritual experiences; we are spiritual beings having human experiences. It is impossible to realise this principal theoretically. We can attend hundreds of lectures and read volumes of books, but this is inadequate without us committing to a spiritual practice or Sadhna.
The simplest way to explain spiritual practice is to describe the hierarchy of connections. At any moment We can be making three kinds of connections. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Outside ourselves: the majority of our time is spend in connecting with the world – networking, relationships, our work. it is all crucial, but can lead us astray if we have no inner directions. The fear of missing out, thinking that the grass is greener else where, and living a life out of balance are all symptoms of having incorrectly prioritise happiness outside of ourselves.
Inside ourselves : Beyond our everyday lives, many look for solace within. People struggling with life, those trying to work on themselves to conquer the external world, those curious about their inner world, and occasionally, a few of those seeking truth – these are the types of people who will take the journey within.
Above ourselves : Those simply voyaging can get frustrated by their lack of progress or direction. They can feel as though they are on a ship travelling seventeen knots per hour, but without a compass. Connecting above ourselves means re-establishing our relationship with God, or something higher than ourselves. God is one, and is identified differently across different cultures. Therefore, it is not about connecting to my God or your God, it is about connecting to our God.  When this happens, it is as if a light bulb is getting connected to an entire powerhouse.  A bulb on its own is just a piece of glass with a tungsten filament, it needs and electrical charge to experience light and give light to others. Similarly, it is our relationship with something higher then ourselves that can give us love and allow us to give love to others.