when one is in a deep let–go with the whole, the consequence is bliss. It is a by – product; it is a reward, but an inevitable reward. The surrendered person has tremendous blissfulness around  him, within and without. He knows nothing else, no other taste, only the taste of blissfulness.

Sannyas has to become the beginning of surrendering. In the beginning, of course one surrenders only hesitantly, only  calculatively, bit by bit. One watches what happens – if you surrender so much, what happens? But as you surrender you start opening up windows towards the starry sky, then sooner or later you will be able to surrender all. The moment all is surrendered, all is achieved. It is paradox; the moment you lose everything to existence, you gain everything that you always wanted to gain. But this victory does not come through fighting, it comes through love, through trust.