In the last week we discussed strategies of Social Awareness Today we are taking up the first strategy in detail.
May be you have been named after a special relative or family friend or may be you have a nick name that abbreviates your long last name. What ever the story is behind your name, it is an essential part of your identity. It feels so good when people use your name and remember it. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Greetings someone by name is one of the most basic and influential social awareness strategies you can adopt. It is a personal and meaningful way to engage someone. If you have a tendency to withdraw in social situations, greeting someone by name is a simple way to stick your neck out; using someone’s name breaks down barriers and comes across as warm and inviting. Even if you are a social butterfly, greeting people by name is a strategy to live by.
Enough said about the value of greeting by name. Now let us talk about following through if names are usually on the tip of your tongue you claim to be ‘ Great with faces, but not names,’ or you can’t seem to remember anyone’s name 30 seconds after you hear it – make this the month to practice saying, “Hello, (name), ” to someone each time you enter a room and to those you are introduced to. Remembering a person’s name is a brain exercise – practice may be required. If a name sounds unusual to you, ask the person to spell it for you so you can picture the name written. This will help you remember it later. Be sure to use the person’s name at least twice during the conversation.
Greeting people by their names not only acknowledges them as the essence of who they are, But also allows you to remain connected to them in more than just a superficial way. BY making it a goal to remember someone’s name when you meet or greet him or her, you are focussing your mind, which will only increase your awareness ins social situations.