Swami Chaitanya Keerti
It is an old story. Also it is a new story, and the story of the future as well. This is how a man always lives. He lives with a
question: I am not happy, how can I be happy? What should I do that will make me happy? Mystics in past have given wonderful answers to
this question and they will continue to answer– but the humankind will continue to remain unhappy as ever. Why? Because deep down it does not want to be happy, though it says it wants to be happy. It has some kind of investment in unhappiness. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
A Sufi mystic was on his death-bed. His disciples– who had been living with him for 20-30 years or 50 years–gathered around him and
asked: Beloved Master, we have been asking you time and again and you have been avoiding answering or laughing it off…Now you are on
death-bed, please be kind to answer us now. Living with you for such a long time, we have been amazed that we have never seen you unhappy or sad. You look always fresh, as a newly blossomed flower. What is the mystery of your bliss?
The Sufi mystic replied: “Since I am dying, it is about time I should tell you the real secret. About fifty years ago, I was miserable as
you are today, even more miserable than you. The way I was living was really very pessimistic. I would look at everything with negativity
and feel hopelessness. This did become my life-style.
“But one fine morning, it all changed. I asked myself: How long you want to remain miserable? And that very morning it became very clear
to me that it all depended on me. I had been living with wrong  calculations, my mathematics was totally wrong. I only think in a
negative way. Negativity is the foundation of my thinking. I can turn it around. I can be happy if decide to be happy.
Osho offers a unique insight on this subject. He says: First, after waking up in the morning, decide that you are going to be consciously
unhappy all day. No matter what happens, you will not get out of the dark ditch of unhappiness. Even if you win the lottery, or strike a
new deal, or your loved one returns from a long trip, remain unhappy. If you decide it you can do it.
The second part follows like a shadow. If you can choose to be unhappy, of course, you can choose to be happy too, because it is the
same mind using its decision-making power. Experiment with this: in the morning decide to be happy. Now don’t look for excuses not to be,
don’t say, “How can I be happy when my mother is sick? Or when I have lost a tonne of money?” You did not look for excuses when you wanted to be unhappy, why are you looking for them now? It is the same logic.
If you can successfully carry out your decision to be unhappy, your decision to be happy will also be successful, mind will see to that.
Each moment life brings you two alternatives: to be miserable or to be happy. It depends on your choice. Whatsoever you choose you become. Do this experiment on the first day of the new year and usher in the Happy New Year my beloved friends!