Today I was wondering as to what creates the desire for learning in students in and beyond classroom. While we all know that effective teaching is 20% content and 80% education process and we also believe that any process that begins also ends. In the context of teaching, instead of bringing closure to a lesson or a process or an activity, if we create a new beginning towards closure, it not only deepens the understanding but also leads to greater curiosity in children to explore more leading to greater learning. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
For instance, if you conclude the lesson on ‘Sense Organs’ saying – ‘Ok, we are done with this chapter and will have test next Monday’, what happens?……. it puts a closure in the minds of children. While closure is important but does it also create a new beginning?…….it may not, at least not in all children. Over a period of academic year then, children experience clear cut closures again and again and not as many and exciting beginnings…. the result! Loss of interest in learning.
Taking previous example – imagine going it like this – ‘Ok, we are done with this chapter on sense organs and I am thinking how many of you must already be wondering if birds also have 5 sense organs like us !…. what about Owl !!’………Leave them with a curiosity and see what `happens? Imagine what kind of impact then this will this have on you too when the same bunch of students then give you a different experience in the classroom….wouldn’t then learning be fun for everyone ?
So in the process when we make effective closure it will lead to new beginning and process of exploration in mind of children. This will make child more inquisitive towards the topic taught and respond in class more positively. The whole process of positive education is to ensure that the teaching process is happy and creates positive closures for new beginnings.
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