Plasticity Labs is the new age tool that connects employees in such meaningful ways that they are helped in being  happier at work.
It works on the daily basis. as the employees are encouraged to focus on  “What is great at work today?”
And thus  provides a platform to a culture that leads to happiness in general.
Plasticity is able to capture thousands of survey questions to provide actionable insights to managers and leadership teams in a painless way.
The Daily Happiness Question that is put up on this platform  helps the participant to understand what increases and decreases their happiness over time
The Positive Focus of the social feed on Plasticity keeps the employees focused on what’s great at work and allows them to celebrate with coworkers .
Micro Polls and Activities features  improve their happiness by creating positive psychological habits like being grateful, optimistic, and resilient.People Profiles help them discover their connection to the people that drive and live the mission, and values of their  organization. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The Daily Happiness Question is captured on the way to the social feed and creates the company happiness graph and helps them  understand the mood of the organization like never before.
The Positive Focus of the social feed keeps employees focused on “What is great about work today” quieting some of the negativity that might exist and crowd sourcing workplace culture.
Automated quarterly micro surveys save time and help everyone understand how engagement, performance, satisfaction, and other KPI’s change over time
Social Recognition keeps people focused on what is great about co-workers, celebrating accomplishments across the organization and improving social intelligence
Web Platform and Mobile Apps keep employees connected from all corners of their  organization no matter what office they work from.