Happy Ho Headquarters at Noida witnessed an inspirational and soul searching meditation session conducted by Meditation practitioners Satya Vedant and Chaitanya Keerti On Saturday 16th of January 2016. Both of them are very well known emotional wellness and meditation guides.
This meditation session was attended by a selective group of CEOs and MD’s from IT and hospitality sectors.
Chaitanya Keerti and VedantThe day long programme began with a talk about the requirement of meditation as tool for our lifestyles correction. Satya Vedant expressed the views that our hectic and high paced lifestyles demand that we stop running around so much, step back, sit down and look inwards. So that we are able to read the fine print of the life we are leading day in and day out.
This converstaion lasted for about one hour where Satya Vedant and Chaitnya Keerti stressed on the need to look within and witness with awareness.
This was followed by an interaction session where participants asked questions about their professional and personal experiences. They also clarified their conceptions and misconceptions about meditaion and emotinal wellness. They talked about their professional and personal fears, relationship blues and how to correct those with the help of meditation and reach the status of emotional welness.

Rakesh Goel Chaitanya Keerti Interacting

During this interaction many of their fears and doubts were cleared about emotions, feelings, anxiety, happiness, unhappiness, joy, pain, deliverance from pain etc.
Meditation SessionThe interactive session was followed by a meditation session of one hour. Which consisted of twenty minutes of silent meditation witnessing thoughts and breathing. It was partly by soothing meditation vlog music.
The event turned out to be a great success as all the participitants went home elevated and peaceful and wanting more. They are all looking forward to the next meditation session that they hope would be longer, over a period of three days at another beautiful and equally peaceful location, arranged by Happy Ho.
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