Different natationalities show different sensitivities towards their personal spaces. A research has shown that Brits meet strangers at a distance of a meter while  with an acquantance at a distance of 80 cms and a close friend from a distance of about 50 cms. Indians are more or less similar with a stranger an Indian meets over a meter and acquaintance about 90 cms and a close friend with about 60 cms.
This is contrast with Argentinians who keep a 76 cos distance fro a stranger and 59 cms for a acquaintance 40 cos for a friend. That actually makes Argentinians as a the most touchy feely nation.
The research was carried out by scientist across the world the research was intended to find out how culture wealth and even weather affects our idea of personal space. The 8943 participants from 42 countries were asked how close to someone they would stand depending on the relationship. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
This is an interesting study. which indicates the preference for personal space in different cultural zones. People from warmer countries show warmth for each other and so come closer while the colder regions have tendency to cover up themselves so the personal warmth is lesser the distance is more. When you are warm you share the warmth with other. The physical connection with other is manifestation of love that is within . Preference for personal space is also influenced by the availability of sun in the region. The eastern world warmer relatively and so is psychologically warm too.
There are also gender preferences where the women prefer more personal space then men. with strangers, acquitances and close friends.