New shipping routes are likely to open between North Atlantic and east Asia dramatically cutting the travelling time. It seems to be a good news for travellers and cruise liners, but it is a bad news for the environment. The rapid melting of sea ice in Artic is opening up the new sea route for travellers.
It once a dream of early explorers such a Ronald Amundsen an arctic shipping route may soon become a reality. The decline in sea ice core means there is now serious speculation over commercial trans Arctic shipping.
In the artic Ocean the sea ice covering is melting at a rapid pace each decade. Old thicker ice covering seas is disappearing and scientist say global warming is largely responsible for the changes. Parts of Arctic are warming twice as fast as elsewhere. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Scientists say the region could be almost entirely free of sea ice wishing next few decades for the first time in about 100,000 years. The changing conditions offer an opening to shipping companies. Some researchers have in fact plotter a number of routes from Europe and North America over the top of the world to china and Japan,which are detailed in a paper in the journal Geophysical Research letters.
Two impassable Arctic rites are a;ready p[em – the northwest passage, through the Canadian archipelago from thee United States east coast to Asia and the Northern Sea Route along Russia’s northern coast.
The global warming is compelling not only the sea ice to melt but it is also creating larger imbalance in the people internally. the rising temperature is also becoming responsible for several economic upheavals resulting mankind to go through a tough emotional imbalance.
The mankind has to stand up and look at the environmental and ecological damage it is causing to existence of several godly creations and since everything and everyone is so connected it is difficult to assume that the global warming will not impact the man internally. It seems a wake up call though much delayed.