Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Gopal Das Saxena, popularly known as the Poet Neeraj, left his body yesterday at the ripe age of 93. He was born in the small village Puravali of Etawah in Uttar Pradesh, India (on 4 January 1925). He was the first poet born in the last century whose poetry is unparallel in mass appeal, and also with the readers of high-quality Hindi literature.  There is something magical and mystical about lyrics also. His words brought life to the movies of evergreen Dev Anand, the most popular movie star of yesteryears and have touched the hearts of millions of people. Today the whole of India is singing enchanting songs of this simple man who never cared for awards from the Government, though he was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2007. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
He was a rebellious spirit, really in tune with Osho’s vision. He was blessed by Osho when he came to the commune in Pune in 1988. I had received his letter and sent it to Osho. Osho replied: Yes, invite him and invite other poets and artists also. I wanted to invite them earlier but this place was not ready. This place is ready now for such people who have been dreaming to find such a place. Invite music director Kalyanji Bhai, lyricist Indivar also. 
And Neeraj came along with 5 more distinguished poets and a unique International Kavi Sammelan was organised for the first time in Osho Commune International under the banner of Friends of Osho. With this first such event, a new phase of art and culture started in the commune and it created a wonderful bridge between the commune and the rest of the world. 
Listening to Neeraj’s poetry of romance and religiousness was sheer delight. After being energised by Osho’s blessings and grace, this sensitive human being became more and more spiritual and was instrumental in inspiring the masses with the vision of Osho as the enlightened master had told him: Take me to the masses. And he did it very effectively through his mesmerising poetry. 
नफरत गले लगाने वालों! सब पर धूल उड़ाने वालों!
कुछ मुखड़ों की नाराज़ी से दर्पन नहीं मरा करता है ! 
छिप-छिप अश्रु बहाने वालों, मोती व्यर्थ बहाने वालों
कुछ सपनों के मर जाने से, जीवन नहीं मरा करता है!
O thee who embraces hatred who throws dirt on everyone. 
Even if some faces are upset the mirror stays, it doesn’t die. 
O thee who stealthily shed tears, who waste these pearls of their eye. 
If some dreams cease to be, life doesn’t die.
अब तो मज़हब कोई ऐसा भी चलाया जाए।
जिसमें इंसान को इंसान बनाया जाए।
जिसकी ख़ुशबू से महक जाय पड़ोसी का भी घर
फूल इस क़िस्म का हर सिम्त खिलाया जाए।
आग बहती है यहाँ गंगा में झेलम में भी
कोई बतलाए कहाँ जाके नहाया जाए।
प्यार का ख़ून हुआ क्यों ये समझने के लिए
हर अँधेरे को उजाले में बुलाया जाए।
मेरे दुख-दर्द का तुझ पर हो असर कुछ ऐसा
मैं रहूँ भूखा तो तुझसे भी न खाया जाए।
जिस्म दो होके भी दिल एक हों अपने ऐसे
मेरा आँसू तेरी पलकों से उठाया जाए।
गीत उन्मन है, ग़ज़ल चुप है, रूबाई है दुखी
ऐसे माहौल में ‘नीरज’ को बुलाया जाए।