On the world stage of spirituality, the two words that have become really catchy, besides Yoga, are Tantra and Mindfulness. And Tantra comes on the top. For many decades, it has remained very saleable, because of one reason–its association with sex. Psychologically speaking, the man’s mind immediately jumps on anything which has something to do with sex, because he did not seem to have lived it fully, to its supposedly satisfying limits. Most of the people have been starving of it because of their social conditioning and various other reasons. But, blending sex with the spiritual dimension, draws people easily towards it. The intelligent people always find some indirect ways to get something which is forbidden socially–and why should they not, when it is something natural. The Western people always taken a lead in this dimension, after they have achieved a certain level of prosperity, while the East continues to struggle to rise to the basic level of prosperity.

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Recently, one article on Tantra and Mindfulness, written by some western writer attracted my attention. The opening lines were: “Electric shivers of euphoria ripple throughout her naked body. The summer breeze encircles the lovers, intensifying the deeply arousing sensation of the wetness on her nipples from his passionate kisses. She gazes into his yearning eyes, effortlessly accessing the opening to his soul and harnessing the power of their profound connection.”

These tantalising words could be good for sexual liberation, but can it be described as Tantra. I don’t want to be so judgemental as to condemn them, because the modern practitioners of Tantra would argue: This too is Tantra. It is a good beginning of Tantra.

The article highlights it further by adding–The rhythm of their breath…”With every breath, motion, and fiber of her being, she expresses her fierce desire, unabashed love and undying devotion”….”She finds herself in a dreamlike, meditative state with beautiful visions, images, colours and light refracting in her minds-eye. Intoxicating energy reverberates throughout her gently rocking body.”

The writer of this article adds: This example illustrates that mindfulness enhances sex by increasing sensual connection. The following are five practices for you and your partner to embrace together: 1) Breathe consciously & deeply. 2) Be present & aware. 3) Practice acceptance & non-judgement. 4) Meditate–*Clear out the cobwebs. Open your mind, heart and spirit to love through mindfulness meditation practices. *Tap into your sexual energy with a Kundalini meditation. 5) Invite new possibilities.

The article concludes with one quote from Osho discourse:  “Orgasm is the involvement of the total body: mind, body, soul, all together. You vibrate, your whole being vibrates, from the toes to the head. You are no longer in control; existence has taken possession of you and you don’t know who you are. It is like a madness…it is like meditation…”

This quote is from Osho’s book: Returning To the Source. 10th Chapter: Making A Nuisance. But the context is not Tantra, but the difference between Sex and Love. He says about love: But nobody can be in possession of love. Love possesses you, you cannot possess it. Love controls you, you cannot control it. Love means you are no longer there, something else has come. That’s why love is so rejuvenating. Even if an old man falls in love, suddenly you will see that his face has become younger, his eyes are no longer old; his body may be old, but his total being suddenly becomes young. Why does it happen?- for this very reason: you can allow a let-go; you move to the original source of energy where rebirth is possible. You touch the deathless core. You only touch the deathless core when you are ready to die, that is the paradox. You touch the deepest core when you are ready to die. If you cling to the surface and you are afraid, afraid to let go, then you remain on the surface, and the surface is the body.

Osho makes it clearer: People who are afraid of love are not afraid of sex. Love is dangerous; sex is not dangerous, it can be manipulated. There are now many manuals on how to do it. You can manipulate it – sex can become a technique. Love can never become a technique. If in sex you try to remain in control, then even sex will not help to reach the ultimate. It will go to a certain point and you will drop back, because somewhere it also needs a let-go. That’s why orgasm is becoming more and more difficult. Ejaculation is not orgasm, to give birth to children is not orgasmic. Orgasm is the involvement of the total body: mind, body, soul, all together. You vibrate, your whole being vibrates, from the toes to the head. You are no longer in control; existence has taken possession of you and you don’t know who you are. It is like a madness, it is like a sleep, it is like meditation, it is like death. So even in sex you let go up to a point, but you don’t allow totality, because if you allow totality then the ego cannot exist. And this is the problem: you are afraid of death because you are not capable of living totally.

The enlightened master illuminates further: Love, meditation, sleep – nothing is total. In your activity also you are not total, because if you were total, there too a moment would come when you would be lost. Losing yourself has become the problem; you cannot lose yourself, you cannot relax – you have to do something. You go into the garden and dig a hole, but you are not total. If you really were total while digging the hole you would forget yourself completely; the self-consciousness would disappear. You are self-conscious but not conscious of your self; you are aware but there is an ego. You are aware of the total – the trees, the sun’s rays, the breezes

blowing, the birds singing, your activity, the digging of the hole, the mud coming out – you are aware of everything except your self. If you became conscious of your self, in that moment an orgasmic feeling would happen. It is like deep love, it is like sleep, it is like death. You will come out of it totally different and new.

I urge the readers of this article to read or listen to Osho discourses in their completeness. Small bits are not so useful–sometimes they may be dangerous when some writers mix them up unconsciously with their own concoctions. It is better to Return to the Source.