In this world if anyone feels proud of being a religious man, you can be certain that he still has no idea of what it means to be a religious man, And if someone tells you that he is a very pious man and you are a sinner, no that he is deluded and ignorant. Anyone who has come to know even a small part of life’s truth will immediately see that he is a participant in whatsoever is happening anywhere. If there is a war ragging in Vietnam and men are being butchered there, if a war is raging in Bangla Desh and men are being slaughtered there or if there is a famine, massacre, violence and looting somewhere = he too is a participant in it. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Some one who feels that he is an integral part of this world, and that all its sins and good deeds are attributable to him, is moving towards true religiousness. He has no condemnation for anyone because to condemn the other is to condemn himself. He does not single someone out for praise, because all praise is self praise. Such a person is able to step aside and see life beyond the struggle between praise and condemnation Only then one attains to the stare of being a witness.
Once you experience that there is no way to be freed through your actions, only than can you become disidentified with the doer and become a witness. The witness means that ” I am simply a watcher and what so ever is happening I am also a participant in it – because I exists. That is why I will not say that you are a sinner – because I am also hear. Nor will I say that you are vitreous – because all these difference are just superficial, illusory and dangerous so I will say just this  much that whether it is virtue or sin, good or evil, war or peace, I am a witness to both, a watcher of both. ”
One who has attained the state of simply witnessing enters non duality.