Tanu Khanna
(Writer and Tarot card Reader based in NOIDA)
Nature or Nurture is a basic question. Something that we have got by nature is unchangeable. Like our height are pretty much genetic and cannot be determined by external forces. But what we speak english or French is part of experience that we gain by nurturing. The bigger question whether grit is genetic has long and short answers. But every human trait is influenced by gene and experience. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
We all know and more importantly believe that human being are born with a DNA. Now DNA comes to us as a thing that could not be changed no matter what efforts we made. Adding to it, is a comfortable acceptance of what is given to us by nature. Scientific researches have proved that how genes, experience and their interplay make us who we are.  It is not important to give a little thought to the possibility of a change, though slow, by being perseverant. Change in the gene pool through different generations has been obvious, along with the scientific researches made in this area.
Lifestyle changes, what we call  nurturing like an exercise regimen, proper eating habits, and enough sports, is definitely an important aspect and something to believe in and follow.
Here, the term Grit comes in, that is, passion and perseverance  together with a direction. The most wonderful part of this process is that all though genetic trades influence, grit is what brings changes. And researches suggest that it grows with time. Barring this inevitability would not be just fair enough. So, it would be smart to accept the fact that nature matters and so does nurture.