To remember that we are part of a vast continent is the only way to be transformed. We have not really to drop anything because the very idea of separation is false. It is just an idea, it is like somebody who is calculating and making the same mistake again and again: two plus two is five. All that is needed is to understand that two plus two is not five; two plus two is four. Once it is understood everything becomes clear. This is just a mathematical error, a mistake. It arises for certain reasons: we have separate bodies and that gives the idea of separation; we have separate minds and that gives the idea of  separation. But we are neither the body nor the mind. We are consciousnesses. The moment you start feeling yourself as a consciousness, then there is no separation. Then two plus two is four; before that, two plus two is everything except four. Sometimes it is three, sometimes it is five, but it is never four.

To live in the illusion of separation is bound to create problems and the problems go on and on accumulating. They cannot be solved unless we change our very approach from the beginning. A radical change is needed, not some reformation; and that radical change happens when we drop our personality into the ocean of existence, when the dewdrop of the ego disappears into the ocean.

We don’t lose anything, we gain. We simply lose our small boundaries and we become vast and infinite, and in that vastness is fragrance.