Psychology is all related to mind. The mind is a great tool in the hand of mankind but often misused. Mind opens the doors to many unknown spheres which actually help in attaining authentic happiness. Ordinarily the mind is all about You and I. It is therefore important to understand what is Mind.
Mind is pure and no impurity can enter it. that is is impossible. The mind is just the buddha – nature the ultimate. And when I say mind I don’t mean your mind. I simply mean the mind where no I and You exist.  You are the impurity. Just behind you is the original mind. You are the dust. So first try to analyse what you are, and then you will be able to understand how the original mind becomes identified with the past, with memories, with dust. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
What are you? right now, if I ask you what you are, you can answer in two ways. One will be verbal answer and in that verbal answer you will relate your past. You will say, “My name is this . I belong to this family or that’ to this religion or that, to this country or that. I am educated or uneducated, rich or poor”. These all are past experiences, they are not you. You have been through them, you have passed through them, they have been the passage, but you past goes on accumulating.
This will be verbal answer, but this is not the real answer. This is your mind arguing, the false ego. Right now, if you leave all of your past – if you forget your father, you parents, your family, your religion, your country, all which is accidental – if you forget all that is accidental and just remain with yourself here and now then who are you ? no name will come to your consciousness, no form – just a simply awareness that you are. You won’t be able to say who you are. You will simply say, ” I am” the moment you answer the who, you move to into the past.
You are a simple consciousness, a pure mind, and innocent mirror. Right now this very moment you are. Who are you? just a simple awareness that ” I am” even the I is not needed. The deeper you move the more you will feel just am-ness, existence. This existence is the pure mind but this existence has not form, this is formless – Nirakar. This existence has no name, it is nameless – Anam.