Shiva is considered to be the lord of creation and destruction. His abode is Kailash Mansarovar where Shiva spoke to his wife Parvati referred as Devi in this article.
Devi when realised that her husband is not an ordinary person but the lord himself, she posed some most significant questions about mysteries of life. Shiva answered those questions in the most simplest terms so that mankind around the globe can benefit from those answers and could lead a spirited life on this planet.
So Devi asked O Shiva what is your reality?
Why this question? Even you and I can also ask this question, but it will not carry the same meaning. So try to understand why Devi asks, what is your reality? Devi is in deep love. when you are in deep love for the first time you encounter the inner reality. then Shiva is not the form, then shiva is not the body. When you are in love the body of the beloved falls away, disappears. The form is no more and the formless is revealed. You are facing an abyss. That is why we are afraid of love. We can face a body, we can face a face, we can face a form, but we are afraid of facing an abyss. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
If you love someone, if you really love, his body is bound to disappear. In some moments of climax, of peak, the form will dissolve, and through the beloved you will enter the formless. that is why we are afraid – it is falling into a bottomless abyss. So this question is not just a simple curiosity, O Shiva what is your reality?
Devi must have fallen in love with the form. Things start that way. She must have loved this man as a man, and now when the love has come of age, when the love has flowered, this man has disappeared. He has become formless. Now he is to  be found no where. O shiva, what is your reality? It is a question asked in a very intense love moment. And when questions are raised, they become different according to the mind in which they are asked.
So create the situation, the milieu of the question in your mind. Devi must be at loss – Shiva has disappeared. When love reaches its peak the lover disappears. Why does this happen ? This happens because really, everyone is formless. You are not a body. You move as a body, you live as a body, but you are not a body. When we see someone from the outside, he is a body. Love penetrates within, then we are not seeing the person from the outside. Love can see a person as the person can see himself from within. Then the form disappears.