Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
We are naturally drawn outside as all the doors of our sense preceptors are opened to the external! So much of our life energy is spent fixing the external things of life. We struggle to change the outside for our senses drive us to the world outside, but when we draw our consciousness to the inner world, gradually new horizons open, success starts to greet us, friends and family start to love us, and we become the center of universal symphony and dance. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
It all starts from our own inner mirror. Until that is clean, nothing reflects right! We need to realize that we are simply mirroring our inner world with our false perceptions of the outer world. We spend all our invaluable time fixing the outside problems and though the problems appear to be outside, their roots are within, in our subconscious mind. Till we reprogram our subconscious mind the outer world never changes! Even if one problem is fixed two new ones crop up. However if we fix our faulty thoughts and beliefs our world becomes a play of innocent joy!
How do we begin to clean the mirror of our mind? Essentially there is no quick fix to any problem in our life. No problem happens all of a sudden. The nature of things in this physical world is time bound.  We spend our life trying to fix things, but usually it is patchwork. A true solution is a resolution that reaches into the source of the difficult pattern. That is more essential than finding a superficial fix.
Whenever we face any turbulence in life, the key is to not get instantly identified with it and start to frantically look for quick fix solutions. They work temporarily, but the roots remain intact so they come back and hit us harder! Until we treat each obstacle or turbulence as a TOOL for transformation, we never grow! We are not here to prove we are right, we are here to realise we are NOT. So don’t look for a quick fix, that is a trick of our ego; the solution of a permanent nature comes only out of our intuition and wisdom.
It is very simple. If we are happy and peaceful inside, we will see a happy and peaceful world outside. The goal is to mirror our inner state to the outer world by tuning our body-mind-breath with the Universal body-mind-breath through mindful breathing and meditation. The practice of meditation opens the inner gates of consciousness to the universal rhythm of life. The more the impurities of mind dissolve in the light of awareness and introspective observation in meditation, the more the rhythm of life becomes manifest. We are one with the universal rhythm when our breath is rhythmic. Our body-mind-breath is in perfect balance. We are untouched by the apparent ups and downs of life and its constant flux of change. We become calm and composed, serene and celebrating.
Yes, once the agitation inside stops, we start to attract the best situations and opportunities throughout the day! We begin to live life inside out, which is wisdom! When we go to the very root of all that is stressful and miserable in life through meditation and mindful breathing, we then transform that energy to grow, glow and bring all success to our life.
Blessed we are who seek the master key inside through meditation, mindful breathing, love and gratitude, and reach the silent communion with our wise Self within. Then we finally slow down, for we have worked so hard to find peace outside; it is time we realize our true identity is Pure Bliss and it is to be found in the very Source of our consciousness, in the cavity of our heart. Nowhere else!