Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
One of the simple ways we can stop wasting our energy and possibility for misery is to overcome the tendency to complain about the things we dislike. The more we complain, whether spoken or unspoken, the more those things recur again and again. If we wish to see them not recurring, then we lift our mind to something that opens a higher possibility and our energy is then sublimated.
It all depends on where our mind is! If it is in a complaining mode then more and more unpleasant situations will crop up out of thin air! As such their roots are in the mind and manifestations are in the external world. We create our miseries inside and see them outside. Unhappiness breeds in the shallow pool of unconsciousness. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Why do we get into a complaining mode all the time? When we are stuck with difficult times we are apt to think that we have never done anything wrong or hurt anyone, therefore why should we suffer? We ask ourselves, why can’t God do justice? We need to realize we come into this world with the baggage of past our Karma only to end them by going through them with the least resistance and more trust in the infinite Grace and compassion of God.  We gain nothing by complaining.
Each day is a gift, each breath is a gift, and each moment is a gift when we are awake in consciousness. There could always be situations to complain and feel unhappy about, but if we open our eye of awareness we would realize that we have a mission to be happy and make the best of what we have at hand. We need to overcome our sense of guilt and procrastination; we then work hard to first realize that only counting our blessings opens doors for true happiness in life.
Avoid words of complaining. Even if things are not up to our expectations, let us try to create positive vibrations with our presence and good words. What is the use of complaining, we are here to add positive vibrations, not to intensify the existing negative situations of life. Be the positive force; stand firm with conviction that love alone is the invincible power on earth. Be the harbinger of love and peace.
Let go and let God, this is the way of life. Release all that is unpleasant; let us allow thoughts of good and God to fill our mind. By complaining nothing changes but rather intensifies the negative possibilities. By affirming our qualities of strength we further strengthen our self. Then we are ready to attract all that is good into our life. Live well today with a smile and gratitude, love and forgiveness, tomorrow is already taken care. Stop complaining; start communing with the God within. Life is what we make of it.