Meditations is a way of surrendering the ego. Meditations is surrender, the very essence of surrender. Ordinarily we cling to our egos: in every possible way we try to prove the ego.

Meditation means we drop the whole trip, we drop the whole number. We are no longer interested in proving the ego because we can see the falsity of it and the whole absurdity.

Seeing it, one allows it to drop; seeing the futility and misery that it brings, one surrenders it and immediately a transformation takes place.

Whenever you are emptied of the ego, something of the beyond rushes in and immediately fills your inner vacuum. That rush of energy from the beyond is existence. Meditation makes the way for the rush of the beyond.

But we are so full of ourselves that we go on missing. We have to empty ourselves totally. It has to be a total effort, not half – hearted, not lukewarm, because if even a part of the ego remains, it is enough to keep the beyond away from you. The ego has to be dropped in toto, the emptiness has to be utterly, utterly, empty and then there is no barrier: then the guest comes in. The emptiness becomes the host of existence and there is no other way to know existence.