Tai chi (pronounced tie jee), is a style of kung fu comprising of fluid, graceful standing movements. Also, called the moving meditation, it concerns with things internal rather than external. It removes hardness and conflict from our lives and brings in harmony and happiness.
Tai chi, with its origins in China, has evolved into a system of about 100 movements. These movements circulate chi, the body’s internal energy to bring us complete wellbeing.  As per the Chinese Taoists, stagnation is the cause of disease and aging. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
These movements have been created with the belief that when physical movement, mental focus and deep breathing come together it creates a state of peace and well being in the practitioner. It stimulates reversal of ailments like mental exhaustion and emotional turmoil.
Tai chi practitioners believe that the body has meridians or pathways containing our internal energy. If the pathway is blocked, then so is the ultimate health of the person – both mental and physical. There could be number of reasons for these meridians to be blocked, for instance, toxins, environmental components, emotions, attachments from or to other people.
Tai Chi’s gentle, repeated movements create a place of healing and remove these blockages. Tai chi movement is like a slow-moving river where the motion never stops.
The postures lead to stimulation or sedation of the energy channels, or meridians.  Each of these postures or movements is decided by a specific alignment of body and balance.
The more you practice Tai Chi, more the feeling of peace and harmony is enhanced and it becomes part of you and the world around you with regular practice.  Benefits of Tai chi may not be witnessed instantly, you yourself might be doubtful of your new attitude.  Regular practice though tunes the mind and body to a positive vibration. It not only impacts you but the others around you too – leading to feeling of positive energy, harmony and happiness. It calms the mind and tensions melt away and you become more vibrant and alive. As you get into harmony with yourself and nature, your emotions stop running haywire.
Tai chi has some additional benefits too – it helps in getting better posture, health, coordination, flexibility and endurance. Though known more for promoting inner healing and relaxation than aerobic power, as per the studies it also helps in keeping the blood pressure in check, reduces some stress hormones and improves muscle strength — particularly in the lower body.