By Swami Vedant, Pune

We talk about happiness as goal to achieve.  We say we all have to work towards creating more happiness in the world,  Then why do we go around searching for happiness through ways which are violent and strife ridden and spread less love and more hatred.

It means that all we say are pure blank statements supported least by our intent to be Happy. Contrary to this, the intent is to create dominance by power and thought.  Dominance is required to control the human being, curb his independence.  What we are seeing today is a new order of violence over the order of love and Peace. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area

Destroyer is also destroyed in destruction. Because destroyer applies enough force to win an argument, a fight or a war.  But at a deeper level he actually looses all his life positive energies. The existential destruction is natural and it is not forced upon.  It just happens. An earthquake happens, a flood comes.  Suddenly so many lives are lost.  Nature has a very different way of destruction it is not to win anything or to prove anything to any one. It is, Is.

Currently negative energies are on rise. Every era has seen good and bad people. Angels and Demons. So it is possible the world of demons is dominating the world order currently. Human consciousness also has to evolve. What ever is required to live a comfortable life is delivered mechanically so the human interaction with machine is rising compelling humans to think and relate mechanically.  The future man will be required to build rapport with machines. There may be a paradigm shift in emotional values. The mystery is what will be the new world order.  But for sure it will arise out of the existing human consciousness which will lead a transformation from a human being to human mechanics.

There is an urgency for human consciousness to rise to a higher self and enhance happiness and bliss in the world. The infinite human potential will be tested and only a few who can  live as blissful human beings will bring the new order in the world and pass the baton to super humans of the future.