Every moment you are dying every moment you are loosing opportunity which cannot regained. The time that is lost is lost,Nothing can be done to regain it, And your life become shorter and shorter every moment.This is what I mean when I say that you house is also on fire. But you don’t seem even a little flustered, you don’t even seem to be worried about it. You are not aware of the fact that the house is on fire. The fact is there. But your attention is not there. And everybody thinks that there is enough time to do something. There is not enough time. Because what so ever has to be done is so much that the time is never enough.
Once it happened that the Devil was waiting for years and years and nobody was coming to hell. He was waiting to welcome people, but the earth was running so well and people were so good that no one was coming to hell. Ofcourse he became very worried. He called an emergency council. His greatest disciples gathered together to discuss the situation. Hell was passing through a great crisis and this could not be tolerated. something had to be done. So he asked for the advice: “What should we do?”
One disciple suggest . ” I would go to the earth and would talk to the people and try to convince them that there is no God and religions are false, and whatsoever the bible, the Koran, and the vedas say is nonsense. ”
The devil said, ” This won’t do, because we have been doing this since the very begining and it has not influenced people very much. Through such teaching you can convince only those who are already convinced. So it is of no use, it is not of much use.”
The second disciple, subtler than the first, ” I will go and teach people in try to convince people that what so ever the bible, the Koran and the vedas say is right. There is heaven, there is God, but there is no devil and there is no hell, so don’t be afraid. And if we can make them less afraid they will not bother about religion at all, because all religion  is based on fear.”
The devil said, ” You proposal is a little better. You may be able to, you may succeed in convincing a minority, but the majority will not listen to you, they have not as much afraid of hell as they are greedy for heaven. If you convince them that there is no hell, they will still want to enter into heaven, and they will try to be good for that. So this also wont do much. ”
Then the third disciple the subtlest of them all said, ” I have an idea, give me a chance to try it, I will go and say that whatsoever religion says is absolutely true – there is a god and there is a devil and there is a heaven and there is a hell – but there is no hurry. ”
And the devil said, “Right! you have the right system. You go ! ”
And it is said that since then there has never been a crisis in hell rather they are worried about over population.
This how a minds are functioning: we always think there is no hurry. All techniques fail if our mind thinks there is no hurry. Then you can go on postponing and death will come first. That day will not come when you think there is a hurry, when you think that now the moment has come. You can go on postponing. This is what we have been doing with our lives. Postponing the opportunity to be happy. Happiness is now and here. Don’t postpone it. The postponement is hell.