My Sikh friends teach me Gratitude.They say,  “Sukh Vele Shukrana, Dukh Vele Aardaas, Har vele Sumiran”. (When happy say Thanks, When in Pain say Prayers, and for rest of the time, his remembrance).
It is a very powerful way of cultivating positive thoughts and creating positive interventions in life. There is another wonderful saying. ” Dukh mein sumiran sab Karein, Sukh mean Kare no Koye. Jo Sukh mein sumiran Karein Dukh Kahe Ko Ho. ( All of us remember God in our Pain but we do not remember him in our happiness, But If we remember him in our happiness, why will Pain happen)
These are important teachings in life. We always tell our children to prepare themselves for any bad episode but how many times we actually tell them to thank God for everything good or bad in life. If we learn to thank God in all our sad moments, he bless us with the strength to tolerate or enjoy the pain. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Gratitude is important for creating happiness. It triggers melting inside yourself. When you say thank you to someone living or non-living you accept the significance of that in your life. Imagine when you are happy you go and hug someone. Your happiness is contagious,  it will surely make the other person smile and can also make a few tears may roll from his heart. It will make both happy.
We receive enough benediction from the nature but show little gratitude towards it often most things are taken for granted.  We get fresh air from trees, warmth from Sun, Coolness from moon and serenity from mountains, rivers and water falls. But have we ever expressed enough gratitude towards them ever. We go on receiving their blessings with  least thankfulness. On the contrary we feel no pain when we cut a tree or play with the river bed.
I remember sometime ago, I was passing through a painful period in life. I was feeling terribly helpless and depression was seeping into me. One day while walking in the park I came across a tree which was joyfully dancing with the breeze. I don’t know what inspired me,  I went and hugged the tree with my both hands, I held it tightly for some time. Suddenly, I found that there is something moving inside me. My eyes were wet. I cried and cried loudly but I did not felt like leaving the tree. And then the miracle happened. The tree started communicating with my inner self. It started radiating its joyfulness within me, my gloomy self transformed and gave way to joyousness. I was showered with enormous happiness. Now, every time when I feel the need to recharge my batteries I go and sit under a tree for sometime and let me assure you I have never been disappointed. For a happy person gratitude is a natural choice. He is always so full of it that he lives in utter acceptance and thankfulness.
Gratitude is the blessings. Some time with an elderly person, listening his life expereinces are so much transforming. We generally feel recharged when we come back meeting them. Feeling gratitude for someone is pure blessings and an authentic happiness.