We all face challenges in life at various levels but to face death is something that few of us can muster the courage to do. Neelu Chopra of Mumbai has embraced this  challenge with remarkable strength.
For someone fighting cancer, the thought of death separating her from her loved ones and the pain of undergoing chemotherapy and affecting her physical appearance can be unnerving. But Neelu, who is placed second with a gross score of 198 in the bronze category (handicap 24-32) of the fifth BPGC Ladies Open Amateur Golf Championship, being played at Chembur (Mumbai), golf is a ‘way of life’.
She began playing the sport 25 years ago with inspiration from her husband Ashwini Kumar Chopra, an advocate in the Punjab & Haryana High Court.
Neelu said in an interview to TOI, “One of our family friends in Mumbai had recommended that we should play golf. But my husband didn’t like going to the course without me. That’s how I began playing the sport. Gradually , I started romancing it. It soon became a vlog way of life. Competing against players from different cities gives me a kick. I try and ensure that I don’t miss a single inter-club or amateur tournament. I want to win as many events as possible.”
The 58-year-old made it a point to compete in back-to-back inter-club tournaments despite undergoing energy sapping and spirit-breaking chemotherapy sessions in Singapore less than a month ago. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
she further adds,”The pain is immense, no doubt, but I have learnt to endure it. There was a time when I used to worry about fighting the dreaded C. But I don’t fear pain anymore.”
Golfers all over the world are associated with various charities  and organize events to generate funds for cancer survivors. They also help them overcome their fear and pain through various interactive programms.