Choosing is duality, choicelessness is beyond duality. The knack of this witnessing, gradually help you to go on immersing yourself more deeply in it. Suddenly you will find the victory that could not be achieved through fighting is being won without a fight.
That witness is your innermost being. That witness is the deepest manifestation of your life. Right now you are standing on your periphery. You can make a mistake, but that witness cannot make a mistake. That witness is your highest reality. You are distorted; lives experiences, journeys, paths, the world and countless births, have conditioned and distorted you. You stand on the periphery full of dirt and dust; you can make a mistake, you cannot be relied upon. don’t trust yourself as the doer, because the doer stands on the periphery he stands near the action, he is attracted to the action. If you rely upon yourself, you will go on repeating the same things that you have always done. You are a circle, a vicious circle. You will keep going around in circles – which you have done time and again. Understand this a little. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Do you ever do something new? If you look back at your life and observe, you will find that you are always going around in circles. In the morning you are angry in the afternoon in repent, by the evening you become loving, and night you are again full of anger by morning hatred come it keeps on moving in a circle. If you keep a diary for three months you will be surprised – Are you a man or a machine?
And if you were to write down everything in your diary, very honestly, you could even forecast what would happen on which day for the next three months! First thing in the morning you can put up your own calendar in the house; today I will be angry at such and such a time, and at such and such a time I will be peaceful. At such and such a time I will be full of despair and anguish.
It would be very helpful every morning each member of a household were to hand up his calendar. then the Wife could warn her husband, ” Please remember that when you return from the office at 5 pm I would not be in a good frame of mind. ” So then her husband can check the calendar and see what is going to happen that day, and act accordingly.  The wife can also check her husband’s calendar. And then both of them can come to some sort of a mutual understanding.
Right now, we are clashing with each other like blind people. And the funny part of it all is that whenever we clash, we always think that somebody is trying to harass us. Whereas the reality is that no one is harassing you it is your own inner cycle working. It is just like when women have their period: nobody is drawing blood from their body no one is trying to hurt them it is their own inner cycle which is causing menstruation   to happen. You are twenty four hourly cycles happen in the same way, no one is trying to harass you but at some moment you become sad and in an another moment you are happy, and when you are happy you think some else is making you happy, and when you are said you think someone else is making you sad.
And the most interesting thing about all this is that it all depends on your inner state of being. Something will make you sad if you are in a sad mood at the time, but that very same thing can make you happy if you are in happy mood. If you examine yourself though all this you will be very surprised, you will wonder. Then you won’t go out and blame a single person  in the whole world. You will find that the inner seasons keep on changing : at times it rains,  at times there is sunshine, at times it is cold. Inner seasons keep on changing, and if you can be witness to your inner seasons, you will become the Master.