There is a sound of silence, and once it is heard then one has heard all.
That is the fundamental of existence. Existence is constituted of that sound of silence.
The Bible calls it the word, “logos,” and the Zen people call it “the sound of one hand clapping.”
Now, there is no possibility of one hand clapping and creating a sound. It simply says, indicates, the paradox: when one falls utterly silent inside then a music is heard. That music is not constituted of any sound — it is soundless — still it is music. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
It is the greatest mystery that one can come to. In the East it is represented by the word “aum.” It does not mean anything. It is simply a symbol for that soundless sound.
One has to become more and more quiet, thoughtless, because the music is there but we are so enveloped by the noise of our own minds that we cannot hear it.
This constant inner talk has to stop and then suddenly that soundless sound explodes in you.
And that is a great ecstatic experience — incomparable, unique; there is nothing like it. And once it has happened, you become it.
Then you can live in the marketplace but you are not there. You can act in a thousand and one ways but you remain inactive.
You can get involved in every kind of situation yet you are a witness. And that’s the beauty. The most important thing in life is to attain it; then the whole of life is just a drama.
One plays but one is not worried. One lives moment to moment and one has no will of one’s own. Then God’s will is fulfilled.
That’s what Jesus means when he says: “Thy will be done, thy kingdom come.” But for his kingdom to come we have to disappear utterly as a noisy place.
And that’s what meditation is all about. The whole effort here is to bring your mind to such a stop that you can hear your own innermost core — the still, small voice of the heart.