Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
Nature celebrates continually, without rhyme, without reason, with the Universal rhythm of the seasons. Continuously! We humans miss the rhythm most of the time. Nature’s welcome, the Universe’s call, the joy and laughter of that Celebration is lost because we have too many other priorities. We think we have all that we wanted, all we ever asked for until that day comes into our lives when we realize that we have missed that which remained unasked, unexpressed – the cry of our soul for peace and harmony, for the dance of the spirit, the laughter of the heart.
We have missed the laughter of the heart because we have been trained to approach God with a serious and long face! To be religious does not mean we have to put on such a face! All religious practices are meant to unite us with God, in whatever form, but one God that goes without any controversy is the God of love and laughter. When we are cheerful and smiling we don’t have to pray for God will keep smiling at us! God is the One who always mirrors our inner face!!
Laughter is God for we are born from the One Source and the Source is not only Pure Existence, Pure Consciousness but more so, Pure Bliss and Joy! When we are most happy, we just laugh and laugh and with laughter we express our inner purity of our essential blissful nature!
When we love God unconditionally we will see that we are moment to moment in such causeless joy that our laughter is like the freshwater from a fountain. We don’t forcefully laugh, but our laughter is like a child’s laughter without any tooth! We need to be careful about this one thing, we can joke, but we need to joke at our own cost, not at the cost of others. Then we are not causing pain to anyone without our knowledge. Let us be very careful about that threshold, which most of us cross from time to time without our knowledge. However, a pure child’s laughter is God’s laughter, for it brings instant joy to many, many people who are lucky to be around the child. The laughter that is God is infectious, it will bring the bliss of our Spirit in no time and people will love to be in our company.
Blessed are they who can laugh like a child with every cell of the body vibrating with the rest of the universe. When we laugh it is a direct message to the cells of our body “Hey! Join me in the celebration, let’s enjoy total health”. There is no medicine better than laughter. Whatever the external situation learn to be cheerful. That is the way to beat stress.
My heart swells with gratitude for each one of you, the most precious and loving souls who read these Discussions as I share with you the Love that is God. Thank you for joining me and sharing your endless positive vibrations of joy and laughter with me. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you for God loves you as you are! Let us not forget, laughter is to say to God, “Thank You”.