These days We see a new trend among professionals. People are accepting their failures with a lot of pride now.
The reasons are many fold. But we all know that  failure is necessary to climb the success ladder. Right from our childhood we have been told about this Urdu couplet by our elders:
“Girte hain sheh sawar hee maindan-e-jung mein, Vo tufl kya girenge jo ghutnon ke bal chale”
means only those who ride the horse, fall off the Horse back. Those who crawl on their knees do not get to taste the horse ride. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Rightly so we have been motivated from a young age and have been propelled to move forward after a setback.
However these  days, the failure badge is worn with a lot of pride. Unlike in the past, there’s no association of ‘shame’ attached to failure. On the contrary now a days failure stories are grabbing eyeballs.
Psychology Today reports on the rise of ‘shame-free failure’, and the new phenomenon of bragging about defeat.
Author, engineer and pilot Priyanka Luthra explains, “We used to romanticise failure a lot, it made for very emotional stories when we were young – tales of stigma, shame, were all parts of the narrative. Now, we are more practical about it. We want to study how success is created from failure. Be it failed marriages or failed business ventures, authors, CEOs, celebrities are all talking about them with ease these days.”
Harvard Business School professor Robert Kaplan believes failure stories are even better than success stories as these narratives help you understand your own quirks and strengths.
In a cut-throat, 24X7 connected world, finding hope is tough and the rapid technological advancement in the last decade has primed us to experience failure at every step.
Roman Krznaric, modern philosopher and the author of the book Empathy claims that stories of failure make people feel human in a robotic world.
Management guru Jonathan Williams, who set up a Failure Lab in Michigan, US, says people come there to share their stories of struggle. Williams says this to his class about resilience: “We hold events to showcase personal stories of failure. Successful people get up on a stage where they talk about their personal struggles. It helps remove the stigma around failure. We’re exploring the difference between someone who goes through something and just quits and lies down, versus someone who gets back up, and pushes forward.”