Remember, you are never in the past or future, you are only ever in the present moment. So if the only thing that exist is the present moment, you might ask what the point is of having goals when goals are for the future? the point is that planning and working towards a goal is something you do in the present. You plan for the future, but live in the present .
Think of a goal and then ask yourself, ” How does setting this goal make me feel right now?”
Perhaps your goal is to change your career or visit friends in the country. May be your goal is to be healthier. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
If the goal has the purpose that is meaningful to you, then you are more likely to feel inspired and want to take action.  On the other hand. you might be worried about the time it is going to take to achieve your goals. ” If I leave my job and retain for the career I really want, it could take years before I am back earning what I do now.” Or ” If I join the Gym now, it could be months before I start to feel the benefits.”
May be you are waiting for something to happen in the future before you can start working towards your Goal now. Are you waiting for :

  • The right man or woman to come into your life?
  • For a colleague to leave?
  • For the children to grow up?
  • For someone else to approve?
  • For someone to die?
  • For someone to change their mind?
  • For someone else to do it?

Although events unfold in their own time, simply hoping that future events might occur or worrying that day they won’t can hold you back or prevent you from working towards your goal. whether you put a plan into action over the next year or not, this year will pass away.