Most of us are familiar with server downtime. However, we human beings work way longer hours, both our physical and mental energies are usurped – and still we don’t think we need a down time till we collapse – and at that point in Downtime alone does not suffice. What we then need is servicing.
Downtime or a ‘pause’ is a state that leads to ‘a-ha’ moments in life. These are the moments when you allow your mind to wonder, your body to relax and your breath to be rhythmic. These are the sacred spaces with incredible power. However, we deprive ourselves from taking the opportunity to pause.

Unplugging is the key:

Earlier it used to be switching off from work completely over the weekend and engage in relaxing activities. However, we are now so much into mobile and internet that we seldom if ever unplug.  People complain that they have a bout of ‘connection withdrawal’ if they disconnect. Our advice is not to give up. In a few weeks, you would really be looking forward to this unplugged time. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Get into the practice of deep thinking:
Find a few minutes a day for deep thinking.  Not think about your work or a something that you can put as a social media update.  Nurture thoughts that give you happiness – you may want to take a long walk alone or just with your cup of green in your balcony. Trick is to keep away from technology and tell yourself to hold your horses the moment your thoughts get negative or aggressive.


Perhaps you would find a mention of yoga and meditation in many of our articles. Even if you meditate for 10-15 minutes a day, you would be a happy and relaxed person. To begin with focus on a single positive thing or chant a mantra – and while doing that keep your breathing gentle.
Germany’s Daimler, which has put into place an innovative program that deletes emails that come in when an employee is on vacation (while giving the sender the contact information for someone else who can help). Another company, Volkswagen, gives employee specific phones that turn off at 6 p.m. and turn back on at 7 a.m.
How to begin the downtime, you may ask. Well, you can begin by telling yourself to have fun and be joyful. Just stop worrying about everything that is happening  around yourself and relax. It is downtime!
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