Between the two eyebrows is the gland, which is a mysterious part of the body. This gland is called pineal gland, it is the third eye of Tibetans and Shivnetra the eye of Shiva of tantra.
Between the two eyes exists the third eye, but it is non-functioning. It is there, it can function any moment but it does not function naturally. You have to do something about it to open it. It is not blind. It is simply closed. Learning the technique to open third eye is simple but requires a practice. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
The technique is one of the very deep methods. Try to understand this.
Close your eyes and sit relaxed and then focus both your eyes just in the middle of the eyebrows. Focus just in the middle with closed eyes as you are looking with two and give total attention to it.
This is one of the simplest methods of being attentive. It is difficult to become so attentive towards any other part of the body so easily. This gland absorbs attention like anything. If you give attention to it both your eyes become hypnotized with the third eye. They become fixed, they cannot move. Tantra says attention is the food for third eye.
Attention between eyebrows let the mind be before thought. As soon as third eye is full with attention you will witness a rare phenomenon you will find that thoughts are running before you like a film screen and you become witness. Once your attention is focused on the third eye you become witness immediately.
Ordinarily we are identified by our thoughts. We are not witness. If anger is there we become anger, If a thought moves we become one with the thought, identified, and we move with it. Same thing goes for sex , greed, anxiety we get identified with the thought of each of these. But if we are aware and bring our attention between the two eye brows we immediately become the witness. We see the thoughts running like people on the street or clouds floating in the sky.
This technique is to find the witness. Being centered on the third eye will make us witness, now we can encounter thoughts, this will be the first thing. The second thing will be that now we can feel the subtle, delicate vibration of breathing. Now we can feel the form of breathing, the very essence of breathing.
Scientist will say we are breathing air, but tantra says air is the vehicle, in reality we are breathing Paraná – the vitality. Air is just the medium, Paraná is the content. Now let us imagine that Paraná is filling our whole head, particularly the top of the head which is the highest psychic center, and the moment we imagine it will be filled.
Buddha said, when we are centered in the third eye, dream and reality are one. Whatsoever you are dreaming will be real and vice versa also. For one who is centered in the third eye dreams will become real and the whole reality will become just a dream because when your dream can become real you know there is no basic difference between dream and reality. So when Shankar says that this whole world is Maya a dream of the divine it is not a theoretical proposition, it is not a philosophical statement either. It is rather the inner experience of one who is focused in the third eye.
When we are focused in the third eye just imagine that the essence of Paraná is showering on us from the top of the head just as if you are sitting under a tree and flowers are showering or you are just under the sky and suddenly a cloud begins to shower or you just sitting in the morning watching the sunrise and its rays begin to shower. Imagine and immediately there is a shower- a shower of light falling down from the top of your head. This shower re-creates us, gives us a new birth. We are reborn.