“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” This popular quote is well-loved for a reason. 

Rain brings great respite from the long spell of summer. All of us keenly wait for the first monsoon showers, to take out our rain boots and dance in the rain. Though many shudder at this idea as land becomes slippery, there is a chance of slipping or most commonly catching a cold or even flu. As mothers, we always stopped our children from stepping out in the rain, but sometimes we had to permit, as children love dancing in the rain. Why only children, even adults or even old people love dancing in the rain?

Aren’t we loving the video of a senior citizen couple reliving the moment in Mumbai monsoon, dressed in a three-piece suit and his wife in a saree – La Amitabh Bachchan & Mousumi Chatterji in song – Rim Jhim Gire Sawan! Rains are one of the favourite dance occasions for Bollywood. There are innumerable songs – when the hero/heroine is dancing in the rain. The way they love dancing in the rain, we love them watching on screen.

“My soul awakens with the scent of rain.”

Don’t you think it is good to dance in the rain?

Certainly, it is! Dancing in the rain can help you to see that it is wise to let the negativity roll off your shoulders and just go with the flow. Many people want to run away when something bad happens they cannot control. Instead of facing it, it is easy to retreat inside yourself and turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Besides, there are other benefits of being in the rain. According to an MIT study, as rain falls, it attracts particles of pollutants in the air, leading to better air quality. The smell of rain is pleasing. Human beings are sensitive to the smell of rain, called petrichor, which is said to calm the mind and regulate mood. The sound of rain is a stress reliever.

Not only this, the smell of rain (petrichor) has a calming effect. That sweet, fresh, soothing scent is called petrichor, and it is seriously good for the soul. This evocative fragrance is created when a blend of compounds from plant oils, accumulated in soil and rocks, are mixed and released through moisture droplets into the air.

Why dancing? While walking in the rain, you breathe cleaner air on rainy walks. As a raindrop falls through the atmosphere, a natural phenomenon occurs whereby the droplet attracts tens to hundreds of air pollution particles such as traffic pollution. This process does a remarkable job of cleaning the air around you, making it better to breathe in.

When it rains, negative ions are released and that leads to people feeling more relaxed and comfortable. High humidity also has a huge impact on how tired you feel when it rains. At this time, your body is fighting to maintain homeostasis and this can lead to you feeling tired and wanting to rest.

This way we see that rainwater has a magical effect on our bodies, physically, mentally, and emotionally! It is incredibly beneficial for our health. The droplets that descend from the heavens are not just ordinary water; they are laden with microscopic organisms that produce vitamin B12 as a metabolic byproduct of their activity.

Thus, a mere dance in the rain can provide a boost to our body’s vitamin B12 levels, promoting overall health and well-being. Apart from the physical health benefits, there are numerous psychological advantages to being in the rain. As raindrops gently caress our skin, they trigger the release of hormones like endorphins and serotonin, instantly uplifting our mood and relieving tension. This natural therapy of sorts can be likened to a rejuvenating spa session, where the soul finds solace in the simplicity and purity of the moment.

Raindrops are precious gifts from nature and we should welcome these with open arms. Rains have many forms according to the place say rains in hills are different from the rain in plains or even coastal region. You need to watch out that the surface is conducive for you to walk or dance. Indeed, there are risks involved as I mentioned above, particularly if you have some medical history or have fragile bones to boot. Still, if you love rain, then stay put and watch raindrops from your verandah or balcony and sing – La Sadhna style – O sajna barkha bahaar aaye! If you cannot sing, play it in the backdrop. Believe me, it will be therapeutic. You will forget all your pains, maybe for some time. Why give up on small pleasures in life?

We are so immersed in acquiring our material possessions that sometimes we forget about the gifts of nature. If we embrace the rain and immerse ourselves in its beauty, we get inspired by nature. It is a sad reality of life in today’s fast-paced and urbanized world, we sometimes get detached from nature. This creates an imbalance in our lives and leads to many other problems. We need to step out of the comfort of our homes, cars, and ACs and enjoy these pleasures gifted by nature.

So put your dancing shoes on, and step out to dance in the rain.

Be happy, spread happiness, and HappyHo.