Have you heard this song: I am the best!

Do you believe: You are the best!

Yes, it is easier said than done, oops believed.

We humans as creations of God are the best, but we fail to accept it owing to our surroundings, environment, circumstances, peers, relatives, and our thinking. We keep thinking about our shortcomings and start believing: Others are so good, I am good for nothing, neither good-looking nor talented. If you dig deeper, you will find this may be your perception of yourself and not of others. If you think you don’t look beautiful like your friend, you may certainly have some attributes which may make you look beautiful. You need to identify those, think positively, develop your social skills, enhance your happiness quotient and spread happiness around you. It will make you beautiful.

For this, you can begin understanding your worth and convey it to the world around you. Believe me, people will start accepting the way you are rather than the way you want them to perceive you.

To begin with, you can work out a regimen to take care of your body and fitness quotient. Deep breathe, and figure out your regimen, it will help you to design your day. This is the way of meeting the universe, halfway.

You can end your day by practising gratitude. And for this, one of the easiest, quickest and best things you can do is simply say thank you for your day spent well.

In between, you have the universe at your feet.

Feeling truly good about yourself means loving the person you are, inside and out. It takes hard work and some major adjustments to learn to accept yourself and to address the unhappiness in your life. If you want to feel good about yourself, you need to identify your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that might block you from feeling good about yourself. After that, you can work on creating a lifestyle that makes you feel valued, loved, and fulfilled.

You need to accept that everybody is created unique and no two individuals are the same. Each one of us is blessed with some or the other personality traits which make us stand out. To be in love with yourself, you need to identify and nurture these qualities. If you compare yourself with someone more beautiful or talented than you, it will lead to heat burn, nothing else. You may feel dejected or even depressed.

Still, if you compare yourself to other people, it will not be good for your self-esteem, as you will always find someone who is stronger, smarter, or prettier than you. Instead, focus on being the person that you want to become, or you are, not like that particular celebrity.

You may feel like everyone around you has it better than you do. However, you probably forget all of your amazing strengths. You may not even realize all of the things you have going for you and that someone else wants to be more like you. Once you define your version of success, you’ll be able to achieve it.

To achieve success in this mission, you need to strategize well to help you become the best version of yourself. This would include: Not delaying the things which you always wanted to do, prioritizing what matters to you — not others, don’t sweat the small stuff, accepting help from others, taking a break from social media, and celebrating small victories.

Besides, you need to exercise daily and learn to speak up for yourself about what makes you feel great about yourself.

While practising and working around these tips, inculcate confidence as it holds the key to feeling good about yourself and loving the person you are and will become. You can make an effort to feel confident in who you are and what you can achieve, although it might take time. You have to remind yourself that you’re a fantastic person and that you deserve to be confident in yourself.

Another important aspect would be that you stay away from negativity which emanates from actions, thoughts, emotions, people, and situations. You can work on recognizing when your thoughts are overly negative and turn them around to lead yourself to a healthier mindset. For every negative thought that crosses your mind, fight it with at least two or three positive thoughts.

For this to become a reality, you need to do a lot of hard work. This can be difficult. It may take time to be positive always, but you can make it more of a part of your life. Developing a positive attitude is a decision you have to make yourself, and stick to every day. If you have a more positive attitude, you’ll feel better about yourself, your prospects, and all that you can accomplish.

If you love yourself, you will be able to love those around you, spread happiness, and HappyHo.