If you are in Chandigarh right now you have more the reason to be happy as Chandigarh is ‘the happiest’ city of India as on today.
Happiness is an abstract emotion. It’s neither easy to measure nor there is a way to define happiness in words. It’s something that brings a smile to faces, spreads positivity and comes naturally to a each one of us.
Though we may not be able to measure happiness, but there are ways to access vlog  which city is the happiest in terms of  Pursuit, Purpose, Pleasure, Passion and Context.
A survey commissioned by LG by the name Happiness Index has been done to find out the happiest cities of India.
Here is a list of the happiest cities of India according to a latest survey commissioned by LG. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Our very own Chandigarh tops the list followed by Lucknow and Delhi at second and third places. Fourth in the list is Chennai, fifth Bangaluru, seventh Patna, eighth Pune and at number nine is Bhopal.